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View a eulogy for Jack Vincent Mackmull, USMA '50, who passed away on April 3, 2011.

Jack Vincent Mackmull

West Point, 1950

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Kenneth L Bradshaw on April 8, 2011:

I met Lieutenant General Jack V. Mackmull December 1968; He was a Colonel and new Commander of the 164th Combat Aviation Group Cantho RVN. I was a crewmember on his UH1D, I can't recall where we picked him up or the time of day but when he shook my hand he asked with a laugh if I was his gunner and if I could shoot straight. He would have a surprise for us on most of our flight missions, we would medivac wounded ARVN troops, insert troops, extract downed crews and give fire support when needed, he was always looking for a fight and every day was an adventure. Our paths would cross again; He was the Special Forces Commander when I attended the Special Forces course. Over the years we had a few visits at Fort Bragg conversing about old times and friends, we talked by phone October 09 prior to my retirement from government service, the subject was the same, old times old friends. Someday we will visit again old friend.

Here am I send me
For I stand alone upon this field of life
But not alone I stand
For about me stand my friends
Comrades in arms warriors all
Upon this field of life we stand

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