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View a eulogy for Peter Demetrios Booras, USMA '55, who passed away on September 12, 1984.

Peter Demetrios Booras

West Point, 1955

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Jim Devereaux on November 19, 2002:

I knew Pete from Beast Barracks. We roomed together and we were both so late for reveille the first morning that we even missed the "late rank" squad. Pete learned faster than I did though and after that I made a point of trying to keep with him.

When I couldn't figure out how everyone seemed to know what was going on Pete showed me where the Bulletin Board was with our posted schedule. Pete also gave me a lot of encouragement when I discovered we had to pass a swim test because I did not know how to swim. I had to get pulled out after half a lap. Pete thought I did great all things considered. He seemed proud to be rooming with a guy who was willing to jump in and try. I thought I was nuts.

I began to get the idea that with a friend like Pete around I might just make it. He was full of complements and encouraging words, and he was just the kind of person someone like me needed in order to keep on trying. He once told me that it was my faith that influenced him to take his faith more seriously. That one really floored me but that was the kind of person he was. I think now it was just his way of encouraging me in my faith.

Our paths didn't cross much after Beast Barracks but the time I did have with Pete was a blessing. I always thought he was some kind of an angel in disguise.

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