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View a eulogy for Jerry Clark Frecka, USMA '56, who passed away on July 16, 2012.

Jerry Clark Frecka

West Point, 1956

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Mike Conrad on October 16, 2012:

Jerry and I were roommates for our last three years at WP. As I recall, Jim Shirey was a third roommate for our Yearling year, then Jerry and I were a twosome until graduation. Jerry was a quiet, reserved individual who usually displayed little emotion. He was very smart and took advantage of his prior college experience at Ohio State Univ. to ease through much of the Academics. He was always very helpful and supportive to me in my studies. We shared a love of sports, especially baseball. He was an excellent pool player and spent much time in the Class club honing his skills.

After graduation, Jerry went into the Engineer branch and, as I recall to Ft Bragg as an initial assignment. He resigned in 1960, returning to Ironton, Ohio. We never saw one another following graduation. Jerry did contact me via email after many years of silence , but his contact was very infrequent at best (maybe every 5-7 years). His message was very brief, only to state that he was following me via the Assembly magazine. I would respond but never received a reply unfortunately.

I always wondered why he broke contact. I'm very sad and disappointed that Jerry did not attempt to maintain our relationship.


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