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View a eulogy for Oleh B. Koropey, USMA '65, who passed away on November 6, 2020.

Oleh B. Koropey

West Point, 1965

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Tadahiko Ono on July 13, 2021:

Oleh was a good friend and teammate. We both worked on the rings on the gymnastics team. Everybody on the team loved him-for his hard work, good nature and sincere friendship. We served in the same unit-25th Infantry Division-in Vietnam, albeit at slightly different times and different units. My mine sweep teams of the 65th Engineer Bn (Cbt) worked with his unit, 3/4 Cav. We saw each other at class reunions as well as at occasional team get togethers. He called whenever he was in the islands to surf while we lived in Hawaii and we got together. We talked about lots of things, including what was going on in Ukraine. Oleh had a deep interest in what was happening to his ancestral home and was active in that world. He had lots of other interests, too, like studying Mandarin. I felt very close to him even though we had not seen each other all that often. I still find it difficult to believe this great guy- so fit, youthful and with that ever present smirky grin is gone from us. Thanks for being such a good friend, Oleh. Until we meet again, my good friend,

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