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Frame John Bowers

West Point, 1969

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Vic Smith on February 13, 2011:

From the classmate forum posting on the Memorial Service for John Bowers:

The service in Terrace Park, OH, on Friday morning, 4 Feb 2011, was a testament to John's caliber of being a highly respected, loved, and contributing member of his community. St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Terrace Park was packed literally to the rafters, all the pews on the main floor and all the balcony seats were taken plus overflow into an adjoining community room across the entry hallway. The family hesitated at the door to the sanctuary for Taps, John's son Major David Bowers at Present Arms. I had the honor of providing Taps for this memorial service.

This service gave me more time to acquaint with John, via Judy, and John's sister Prissi and John's brother Bill (ex '71 and ex '76) and David and Jennifer and David's fiance Natalina Marie, than did 4 years in a different regiment plus concurrent service in Germany and at Bien Hoa. Taking absolutely no credit for his service and exemplary life, I confess an extreme pride in the sharing of brotherhood that we all enjoin by our common experiences at The Rock and service to our country. Rev. Reynolds read a letter of eulogy written by John's daughter Jennifer Bowers Pang and son David. One of the character traits that impressed upon me is John's concept of passing was "His Next Great Adventure". The Rev. went on to describe his last visit to John at the hospital, asking John about receiving rites and seeing the hearty thumbs-up response. Our classmate John Bowers was a man with his cross to bear for 3 long years, whose "Eloi lama sabachtani" manifested as his generous sharing of character and strength of will with others.

And now he is on to His Next Great Adventure.

Grip Hands,

Vic Smith
BOTL '69

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