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View a eulogy for Stephen M. Fall, USMA '69, who passed away on October 3, 2020.

Stephen M. Fall

West Point, 1969

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Dan Balough on October 9, 2020:

Just put a piece of black crepe below Steve on a picture taken in April 1971 at Camp Frenzell Jones, III Corps, RVN. In the picture, sized by descending height -- of course, are Dick Simmons, Rick Whitaker, Steve, Mark Kannenberg, Ron Lucas and me Dan Balough. This Band of Six served together in 1970-71 in the 2nd Brigade, 25th Division. Five of us in the 1/5th Inf (Mech) and Dick in the 3/22nd Inf. We have met and taken a picture together at every reunion since 1979. Last year Steve said the only reason he still comes to the reunions was to see us and get the picture taken. True or not very cool.

When we came back from Vietnam, Steve, Mark (Berger), Ron (Luke) and I went to Bragg and the 82nd. Steve didn't stay long. Soon he was off to Bowman Gray the Wake Forest Med School. He became a brilliant doctor both in the Army and in civilian life.

Steve was not only smart but a man of such bearing, presence and gravitas that he could actually be somewhat intimidating. But if you knew him and that killer sense of humor, he was the best. All of these traits made him a good man to have as a friend. Always looked up to Steve and always will.

He will go gently into the night. He was definitely a Prince...


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