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View a eulogy for Gregory Raymond Webb, USMA '70, who passed away on November 26, 2003.

Gregory Raymond Webb

West Point, 1970

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by David Trammel on March 30, 2015:

Somehow I missed that we could enter individual, personal comments for our classmates. It is now years since Greg's passing but I do want to share a couple of stories.

I shared this first story at the 40th Reunion of the Class of 70 when the names of deceased classmates were read.

Our friend and classmate Greg Webb died on November 26, 2003. I was able to be at his bedside in the hospital in San Antonio just a few days before his death. The setting was something we have all seen. Greg was unresponsive, connected to IV's, monitors, and life support. We were alone in the room. I went to the side of the bed, put my hand on his hand and began talking to him. I don't remember exactly what I said but it was something like this.

Greg, I don't know if you can hear me or not. I would like to believe that you can. For many years you have given me credit for a level of spirituality that I never earned and certainly did not deserve. I have an idea that at this point you understand the things of the spirit far more than I ever will. I wonder if you are perhaps at a place where you are more on the other side than in this world and can perhaps see into eternity.

As I said this to Greg I felt a slight squeeze on my hand. Perhaps I imagined it. Perhaps it was just a twitch of Greg's body. Never the less I will always believe that Greg gave me an affirmation that there was truth in what I had said and he could at least glimpse the other side. While I don't think he was remembering "The Alma Mater" I do think that he was ready to "be thou at peace".

Greg died a couple of days later. My wife Debra, Tom and Jean Schmidt, Doug Drake and I were all present at his service in San Antonio. Tom, Doug and I had the privilege of being pallbearers at the service. I really don't remember this but Debra told me that after Tom, Doug and I slid the coffin into the hearse, the three of us stepped back and as the door was closed we rendered a salute and held it until the hearse turned the corner and passed out of sight. Through Greg's memorial service and again today in this farewell, I continued to think about being beside his hospital bed.

This second story comes from the night before the funeral. There had been a remembrance time at the funeral home. I shared the following. Greg had been "Uncle Greg" to my two daughters. At the end of one visit when my youngest girl was about seven Greg was getting ready to leave. Joy looked at me and said "Can we keep him?" At the remembrance time I said, and I repeat now, we could not keep him. The time comes for each of us to pass and we cannot stay. Greg will be remembered fondly by all who knew him and now, 12 years later I still miss him. He was a super guy, an outstanding officer, and a loyal friend.

David Trammel, Class of 70


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