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View a eulogy for C. John Roberts, USMA '70, who passed away on July 3, 2010.

C. John Roberts

West Point, 1970

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Tom Steidel on July 13, 2010:

John and I first met during our Cow year after the Corps was reorganized to form a third battalion in each Regiment. John and I were drawn from separate companies within 1st Regiment, together with about 18 more of our classmates, to form H-1, more affectionately known as "Hawg-One." I was assigned as one of John's tutors for Juice, our term for junior year electricity and electronics courses. John was a wizard on the ice, and in the arts, but not so in Juice, though he was readily able to relate to water and mechanical analogies I used to help him grasp the concepts of voltage, current, power, resistance, inductance and capacitance. Together, we worked, along with others in Hawg-One, to successfully navigate the rapids of the Juice courses.

I was fortunate enough to room with John during the second detail of Firstie year, when hockey season was in full swing and he was captain of the team. I recall many evenings that John would return from dinner on the corps squad tables, his cap and dress coat stuffed with extra steaks wrapped in napkins, fruit of all kinds and, of course, extra desserts. He gave his all to his game, hockey, just as he did in all his endeavours. He would happily share his spoil with anyone who even hinted that they'd enjoy it, and often found the "rack" more appealing than a night of study, having fully exhausted himself on the ice.

John's effervescence was infectious. One could scarcely stay in the gloom when he was around. He was a constant inspiration to those around him, and a positive influence on us all. I'm confident that John now rests in the peace of his Savior, and I look forward to that day when we are all reunited with Him.

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