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View a eulogy for C. John Roberts, USMA '70, who passed away on July 3, 2010.

C. John Roberts

West Point, 1970

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Larry Clark on July 28, 2010:

John has not been out of my thoughts or my heart since I received word of his passing. Perhaps it's because this strikes so close to home as the first loss of someone from our old company, H-1. Our loss of John is a distinct shock. He was one of those rare souls who enjoyed life and was a joy to be around. When I think of John, I first remember a great smile which reflected his "joie de vivre". I roomed with John 3 times during our four years at West Point. While there may have been low points in his cadet experience, he never let things get him down and he attacked life with enthusiasm. He was always a pleasure to be with. His laugh would resonate regardless of the situation. John persevered during those 4 years and had a good time doing so. I can remember him coming back to the room after the first hockey practice black and blue but just full of happiness at being on the ice. John was one of the people you come across so rarely who are special because of their positive philosophy of life. I know John cared very deeply about his family, his friends and his church. While regrettably we sometimes fall out-of-touch over the years, one of the most unique elements of our West Point experience is the life-long friendships and bonds that have been made. Whenever we come across a friend and classmate we haven't seen in years, it is always a reunion as though we just saw each other yesterday. That's how I recall my last meeting with John at a past reunion. It was as if it were yesterday. The legacy one leaves behind is in the hearts and minds of family, friends and associates with whom paths have crossed over the many journeys of a lifetime. It is those yesterdays with John we must now cherish and nurture in our hearts as he has gone before us. Be thou at peace.

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