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View a eulogy for James Edward Frezell, USMA '89, who passed away on August 22, 2007.

James Edward Frezell

West Point, 1989

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Joan (Littman) Landry on October 1, 2007:

When I found out James had passed away, I was extremely shocked and saddened. James was one of my good friends at West Point. The last time I talked with him, we had both recently left the military and were looking for jobs in the real world. We were comparing our various corporate interviews and subsequent rejections. I would never have thought that would be the last time we would speak.

We spent a lot of time together our Firstie year. James and I were 'Human Factors' buddies. There were only 7 or 8 of us with the same major so we had most of our classes together. We were a fairly tight group. We spent many hours in the psych lab with LTC O'Neill experimenting on rats. I remember the long trek up the stairs to Bldg 720 also called Boodlers like it was yesterday.

James was always smiling and enjoyed our lab experiments a lot. The highlight of our Firstie year was getting to do brain surgery on our rats. It was kinda gross and fascinating at the same time. We felt great after it was done and our rats were still alive.

There are many other memories I have of James... His ability to jump and sit on the top of a bunk bed without ever using his hands. The times many of us piled into the car to go to Newburgh on a Friday or Saturday night. His happy nature and unending optimism.

To the Frezell family... My deepest condolences. He was a great friend and I miss him. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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