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View a eulogy for Rebecca Jarabek, USMA '00, who passed away on September 14, 2006.

Rebecca Jarabek

West Point, 2000

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Phil Weatherby on March 1, 2008:

When I read the last TAPS, I knew there was something familiar about you, and your name. On the tables for Founders Day Dinner in Northern Viginia, in 1997, there were flyers announcing "The Long Gray Line....Singing in the Valley". One of the West Point Glee Club concerts was to be at Grace Lutheran Church, in Winchester, VA. Since Grace Lutheran was the church I had been confirmed and raised in, my husband, and I took the afternoon off from work in Northern Virginia, and drove up to Winchester for the concert. It was wonderful to be back in my old home church, and a joy for the West Point Glee Club to be giving a concert there. Back in my husband's day, the Glee Club had only males as there were no females attending USMA at that time. Rebecca's name was listed as "Rachel" on the program, but the last name was correct. She and two other females remained in my mind.....Becky '00, Jil Giddings '98, and Melinda Wengert '99. The concert was wonderful.....and fun.....and as the Glee Club moto says "No fun without music, no music without fun". As the evening was drawing to a close, the Major in charge asked for any graduates to come forward to sing The Corps, and the Alma Mater with the group. My husband was the only "old grad" there, and the young men of the group welcomed him in good fashion as he joined them. However, the female Cadets came up to me later and told me that they knew I was an Army wife, because I had silently mouthed the words of everything they sang. I usually did my daily walk to a Glee Club tape recording, so yes, I did know all the words. That was the only time I ever saw Becky. Like the other Army wife who posted on this site, I too looked up articles about Becky. I am really touched that her mother posts Birthday Greetings to her here. I know that as long as we remember and cherish in our hearts, our children are never gone. God bless this beautiful young woman, and hold her in his arms, and give her peace. With Loving and Kind Thoughts,
Phil Weatherby wife of Yale D. Weatherby, USMA '54

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