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View a eulogy for Frank Anthony Rybicki, USMA '66, who passed away on May 9, 1967.

Frank Anthony Rybicki

West Point, 1966

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Dino Barkema on May 29, 2000:


I still miss you Buddy. You are not forgotten. I remember when we used to play steal the bacon in the field by your house in Rousseau. When you fell from the Nance tree and broke your arm. I remember all of us playing in the jungle and having a good old time. I remember how much time you spent taking care of your little brother. I remember you in your ROTC uniform with your shiny sword hanging by your side. You used to mix Channel #5 with your shoe polish to get your shoes looking like glass. You connected suspenders to the tail of your shirt and connected the other end to your socks so that when you bent over and straightened back up again your shirt tail would go back into place. Then you became head of ROTC on both sides of the Canal Zone. I remember when you became "General For A Day" in the
Canal Zone for writing an essay about what "Memorial Day Means To Me". I never got a chance to read that essay. I remember when you went to West Point. I was a PFC in Germany and as a Lieutenant you still took the time to write to your friend. I was still in Germany when you left West Point for Vietnam. The last letter I got from you was from West Point. Then I got the news that you had been killed in Vietnam. My Mom sent me the news clipping from the Panama American. I couldn't believe it. You were not suppose to die so soon. Then I read the story about you in News Week magazine. They named a street after you in Cardenas, Frank. I hope Panama does not change the name of that street. Ten years after you died I went and visited with your folks. Your Mom gave me a picture of you. Then your Dad broke down and started crying. He really did love you Frank. Some of
our other friends are gone now too Frank. What is left of the old Rousseau gang still keep the memories alive and keep you all in our hearts. Thanks for being my friend.

God Bless you Frank

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Dino Barkema

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