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View a eulogy for Frank Anthony Rybicki, USMA '66, who passed away on May 9, 1967.

Frank Anthony Rybicki

West Point, 1966

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Sr. Therese Ann Ridge (AKA Mary) on January 15, 2001:

I remember Frank from my early childhood years and into high school graduation. I remember in St. Mary's School the day that Frank went to Albrook AFB. He had won a contest and I believe he got Armistice Day off. He had a very loving and jovial spirit. Frank, I recall, was very intelligent. Someone said that Frank had put together a ham radio. He himself was a "ham"! I remember when he led a group of us across the football field in Coco Solo one night. He had made up some catchy tune. Besides the guitar, I remember Frank played the harmonica--highly gifted and used his gifts! Frank was a leader in many ways. He set high standards for himself and we knew it. Frank became an officer and was always a gentleman. 1966-67 I was working for the U. S. Army at Madden Wye when I heard of Frank's death. It jolted rejolted me. I teared my way through the Memorial Day Services at Corozal, and when the dedication of the street in Cardenas came, I was there too. Oh, my God, how could I absent myself from this honor!! I recall another dear friend who attended that day--Barbara Coy. It was moving and I appreciated that they paid him that honor.

And now as a hospital chaplain in McAllen, TX, I never meet a veteran that I don't pause to thank them and tell them the special place they own in my heart. Sometimes they are patients, other times they wear a cap which gives them away. And, of course, I think of Frank and others I don't know who may not have made it back that shared our child/teen-hood days. I still remember our BHS '62 Motto: "Onward ever, backward never. In ourselves our future lies." Frank trusted in God as he lived out his faith.


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