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View a eulogy for Kathleen Marie Sherry, USMA '89, who passed away on March 12, 1991.

Kathleen Marie Sherry

West Point, 1989

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Andee Hidalgo on June 1, 2002:


today for some reason, i've been going through old photos and came across several of you...of course, the ones in the barracks made me think of "the snoopy dance" and "the raccoon on vivran"... you had those down, kath... we all used to howl... i also thought about that time you kept coming over to rose's and my room after lights out... rose and i were working on papers and you were goofing off writing a poem about your boyfriend... i remember the OC kept coming by trying to catch us up after lights out, but you always managed to get back to your room in time... well, until the 3rd time he surprised us... you were trapped in our room so you dove under my bed while rose and i dove under our green girls... i still can't believe he never saw you as he shined his flashlight all around the room... the unathorized coffee pot was still on and both typewriters were humming... and there you were, fighting back a sneeze because you chose the bed that had the broom under it... of course we got written up and you got off without even a demerit... i still grin when i think of that... just recently, rose and i were singing the song you wrote when we were cadets... it was really terrible and we laughed hard recalling the words...

seeing your pictures today reminded me of what was and sadly what should have been... i've prayed for you over the years, kathy, and i hope you are making the other angels laugh like you made us laugh, too...

thinking of you...

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