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View a eulogy for Donald Robert Reinhard, USMA '59, who passed away on October 2, 2023.

Donald Robert Reinhard

West Point, 1959

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Donald E Morgan '59 on October 20, 2023:

I roomed with Don and Bill Wheeler our First Class year. It was an amazing experience because they were total opposite personalities yet they got along as true friends. Don spent much of his time tutoring Bill which was a boon for me because I could just listen to his coaching and nuanced interpretations so the lessons always became easier. However, as brilliant as he was, some times he had to explain something to me so I could interpret for Bill. Sometimes he worked on an academic plain that was really amazing.
He was a quirky but charming in his own way. He was fun to be around.
He was a very generous person with his time and support. When I returned from a tour in Germany, he drove down to New York City to pick up me and my family and we stayed with him and Mary Ellen for three or four days while waiting for my car to arrive. He then drove us all back down to get my car and get us on the road to my next assignment. He really treated me like a brother which I always tried to reciprocate when I could.
I know he suffered some debilitating problems from a serious car accident but he was tough and wasn't a complainer.
The world was a better place with Don in it but he left so many memories of a good, smart, family man for others, that he will be remembered for a long time as we all eventually join the Long Grey Line. Miss you Don. DM


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