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View a eulogy for Alfred Stephen Rushatz, USMA '62, who passed away on May 10, 2024.

Alfred Stephen Rushatz

West Point, 1962

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by BGen RM Ong (Ret) on May 12, 2024:

I remember Al Rushatz only as a Cadet. During the Fall Season, he was the Fullback of the Army Football Team. I enjoyed watching him plowing through the opponent's defense, gaining 3 or more yards each time -- as needed. The opposing Team always bunched up to stop him -- which made passes to the wide receivers a tempting and profitable option.

But Al was at his best during the Winter Seasons -- as a member of the Army Wrestling Team. This is where he really excelled -- with his quick moves to overpower his opponents and keep them off balance -- thus leading to smothering pins. We all enjoyed watching his victories -- almost as much as a certain adoring young lady in the stands -- or a certain triumphant and beaming Army Wrestling Coach.

I also saw Al at the Mess Hall during mealtime. The loud laughter at his table showed that Al was as fun-loving as the rest of us -- and especially when the joke was on him!

I never saw AL after he graduated -- but I'm sure he also had a successful career in the US Army.

And now, my final salute to you, AL. Well done! Be thou at peace!

Brigadier General Ramon M. Ong (Retired)
Armed Forces of the Philippines
USMA 1963


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