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View a eulogy for John Arthur Knutzen, USMA '64, who passed away on June 11, 2005.

John Arthur Knutzen

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Ted Rodosovich on May 9, 2008:

I moved to San Diego in 1985. Soon I ran into John and Lenore. I immediately remembered him from looking across New (at the time) South Area during plebe year. The BIG Scandanavian guy with the protruding jaw about a 25 yard bullet pass away! I knew John fairly well during my 1960-62 run because of our frequent intersections during the daily migrations across the same paths of stone.

Except for the last few years before he left us, we kept in touch for many years in San Diego. I introduced him to some men I knew who John hired or used as consultants. Everyone recognized his intellect.

I returned to San Diego in the Spring of 2005 from an 11 month cross country motorcoach tour that included the '64's 40th reunion. After a few months of re-settling I rang up John and got the sad news from Lenore.

I think about John, Lenore and their kids and admire how they managed the adversities that came their way. The whole family is a bright reflection on the polished shield that is engraved with the numbers 1-9-6-4. .... Rodo

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