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View a eulogy for Howard Eugene Boone, USMA '64, who passed away on August 6, 1996.

Howard Eugene Boone

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Bob Magruder on October 20, 1998:

Howie and I shared many life experiences while students in the same seminar for 2 years at the Navy Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, for two years as Battalion Commanders in the 1st Cav Div at Fort Hood, Texas, and as seminar mates at the Army War College at Carlisle, Pennsylvannia.

We played golf many times over those years and the challenge to improve was always present, but not very forgiving for Howie. We worked on many projects together and it was always his brains that got us through it. He was supremely competent in his Engineering things and that finally got him his first and only retirement job "to build the Hale Koa's second tower" in Hawaii.

Howie was always the last one in a crowd to speak, but the one with the most value-added in what he said. He was a joiner and would do anything the group decided. While not a gifted athlete, Howie would do whatever he could to help the team. His coaching prowess was well known. He even had play books created when he coached the Generals and Colonels teams against the senior NCOs.

His last military assignment was in Korea and then he immediately went to Hawaii for his retirement duty to his beloved Corps of Engineers. Howie was the Cadet OIC of the Bridge Club as a cadet and he proved to be one heck of a bridge player throughout his life.

Howie went out with the same gusto he showed in all of his athletic endeavors. Tina reported that he had a big stogie in his mouth and had just hit a beautiful drive with his new Big Bertha driver. It was probably the shock of hitting it straight that caused the short circuit that led to his death.

I still have trouble not being able to picture Howie as being with us, and in many respects I knew Howie as well as any classmate. He was a good man and I wish his soul everlasting peace. Well done Howie Boone! You were a great father, husband for Tina, and a friend for so many of us. We toasted you mightedly at Charlies wedding. You would have been so proud of your family and how they are carrying on.

Rest easy now, take advantage of your lies and hit them all straight. Hopefully you will be a 10 handicap when I get there so I won't have to give you strokes anymore. Angie and I both really miss you.

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