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View a eulogy for Robert James Walters, USMA '64, who passed away on June 27, 1970.

Robert James Walters

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Ron Rezek on July 9, 2009:

Bob Walters, gone from us almost thirty years. We are the better for having shared with him and the lesser for his battle-earned early departure from us. Bob was smart, not just book smart, but smart. Far more important was his caring and sharing with one and all, always. In any situation, Bob would volunteer to help. No task was beyond his limits or beneath his energy. He loved to help everyone, and always with a smile. In Chapel Choir, Bob was the consumate helper to everyone. No matter the need, Bob filled it. he filled in seats, sang other parts, and shared his love of the music with all of us.

At the dedication at his high school honoring his memory, his family was present, including his Father who is nearing 100. That family legacy, which we all saw recently, certainly gave Bob his value set, personality, and dedication to West Point and the Army. When you think of Bob Walters, you must think of all that might have been from a guy with unlimited talents and the desire to share them. We all have a set of memories of Bob, especially if you lived in South Area as a Plebe and Yearling. Keep those strong in your heart. Bob; Well Done!

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