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View a eulogy for David Leonard Ugland, USMA '64, who passed away on November 8, 1965.

David Leonard Ugland

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Dennis O'Block on August 20, 1999:

Dave was a remarkable person.

He and I and Phil Shoemaker were roommates in M-1 in the famous
40th Division, immediately after Beast Barracks...

I remember the first meal formation as a Company when an upper
classman came by and read his nametag and referred to him as
Mr.(or ???)Ugh-land. Well, Dave, exercised the option remind
the upper classman that he pronounced his name wrong by announcing,
"Sir, my name is pronounced YOU-gland!" Things went South very
quickly after that for a few minutes, anyway...

But Dave was a winner. He learned quickly and it was not very
long before he had things going his way... I was just out of the
Marine Corps and I was able to help Dave with some of the Military
"stuff" and he was able to help me with my Russian and English.

Dave always seemed to find humor in our day to day plebe existence.
He would have Phil and I laughing so much, so often, it was wonderful.

He was wonderful....

Dave, this old Marine thanks you for the memories. You were very
instrumental in helping me survive those first two years in M-1,
and eventually leading to our Graduation.

The life you lead was tragically too short. You obviously were
made of the "Right Stuff" and I and the rest of our Class extends
to you our heartfelt Thanks, and the most deserving, Well Done.

"Denny" O'Block "Ob's" to you, Phil, and Kevin Murphy.

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