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View a eulogy for James Clifford McKittrick, USMA '64, who passed away on January 22, 1975.

James Clifford McKittrick

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by John Raymond on August 13, 1999:

Dear Tom,

Cliff was one of the most outstanding people I have ever known. I got to know him our plebe year, as you did, when we were in G-1. Cliff and I were on the G-1 intramural track team in the fall of 1960.
Cliff was on the track team because he was an athlete. I was on the track team because I wasn't. (I took the place of an upperclassman who didn't want to run.) Cliff ran the hurdles, the 100 yard dash, the half mile, the 440, etc., like a rabbit. He could do it all.

In the winter Cliff was on the Plebe gymnastics team. As I recall, he had never done anything in gymnastics before. I can remember watching him do the rope climb. Our plebe year was the last year the rope climb was a gymnastic event. Using just his arms, Cliff would fly up the rope.

Plebe Christmas, Cliff went "out of the company" with his rank. I think he was on regimental staff. You probably remember Yearling year when we elected Cliff as our company Honor Rep. His successes continued all four years.

Cliff was so well-rounded. Our First Class Year, he was a five-striper, the Vice-Chairman of the Honor Committee (I think), graduated number 117 in the class out of 565, and won the award as the Number 1 standing Cadet in Physical Education. Outstanding in every area.

Cliff was an usher at my wedding the day after graduation. I can
remember how sad I was the day I heard that he was Missing In Action. He was the epitome of all that is good about West Point and was a true friend.

Please give my best to Cliff's family.

John Raymond

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