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View a eulogy for Harold Paul Kindleberger, USMA '64, who passed away on May 11, 1966.

Harold Paul Kindleberger

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Paul E. Tardiff on March 27, 2006:

I am the Army Recruiter that enlisted Harold in the US Army. I am a retired Command Sergeant Major and I have a long story about my encounters with Harold (and his mother) while I was a recuiter in downtown El Paso from August 1958 to October 1960. I turned 74 yesterday, but I remember Harold and our association as if it was yesterday. I remember his H.S. R.O.T.C. insturctor a captain who had a spanish last name (very sharp!) - who called me and said "you need to meet one of my cadets"... I think at that time Harold had been received negative results on his military academy applications. The captain told me, "Sergeant, (I was a staff sergeant at the time) when you meet this young man you will see that he could step into the boots of a platoon leader and to hell with any further training.

I was in Vietnam the same time as Harold - the notice of his death came as a shock.

For what it is worth - I am a two War infantryman -CIB, Silver Star, PH, BS and I have written a book that will be published in either May or June 2006. My story of Harold had to be in that book...

You may reach me at csgmt9@yahoo.com

Thanks for the opportunity to speak about Harold. This is a great tribute to a very exceptional young man.

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