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View a eulogy for Albert Paul Fulco, USMA '64, who passed away on December 21, 2017.

Albert Paul Fulco

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by HAL WINTON on January 8, 2018:

Al, or "Albie" as we liked to call him, was a great man and a true friend. His magnanimity became apparent to me during the first semester of Plebe Year when we were roommates. Having taken Spanish in high school, the Dean decided I should learn French. It was a nightmare. The pronunciations are completely different, and the irregular conjugations seemingly impenetrable. Al spent many long hours patiently tutoring me for the entire semester until I was finally able to go pro on my own. During Yearling Year, Al, Dan Evans, and I roomed together during both semesters. There it was all for one and one for all, the chemistry was fantastic, and I still look back on that fun-filled year with great joy and fondness.

Regretfully, after the shuffle at the beginning of Cow Year, I did not keep track of Al as closely as I now wish I had. And because he did not come to many of our reunions, I did not see him very much after graduation. But he and Janet did come to the 50th, and Al helped immeasurably in giving me one of my most memorable Reunion experiences. After our pre-Reunion visit to the 9/11 Tribute Center near Ground Zero, Al and Janet, Dan and Cynthia Evans, Angie Magruder, Barbara, and I teamed up to do lunch at the Marriott Marquis, Les Mis at the Imperial Theater, and dinner at a small French Restaurant just off Times Square called Pergola des Artistes. Al had to take things slowly because his Parkinson's was seriously affecting his posture. But despite this obvious handicap, his mind was as sharp as it ever had been, and his understated but rapier-like sense of humor was similarly in evidence. It was a truly great afternoon and evening that I shall never forget.

Al's quiet, serious, yet quick-witted demeanor, which contributed so much to his success as a cadet, as an Army officer, and as a pillar of the steel business, were ever in evidence during the three semesters I had the privilege of knowing him at West Point and in that scintillating time together in June 2014. All classmates who knew him will join me in mourning his loss, but we will forever be enriched by our fond memories of him. Of Al, it may truly be said, "Well Done."


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