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View a eulogy for Joseph William Simonis, USMA '64, who passed away on March 6, 2002.

Joseph William Simonis

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Russ Pells on March 7, 2002:

I have known Bill for 42 years, having had the pleasure of first meeting him early plebe year. Since we had both spent some years in college prior to entering the Academy, we were both among the smaller group of "Older Boys"! Bill, a New Englander, had a wonderful sense of humor, sometimes dry and subtle, at other times outright fall-down funny. During our four years at the Academy, he often provided me with support through his wisdom and caring. He was blessed with wonderful, loving parents who treated Toni and me as members of the family. Bill was best man at our wedding and during the 24 hours prior to the ceremony was very definitely my base commander as he made sure I was where I was supposed to be, had the proper uniform put together, etc. I told him it was kind of nice having a valet - he told ME it was kind of nice ordering me around!

When Bill met Jane, he found his soul mate and the great love of his life! It was wonderful to be around them because they so obviously adored each other. Their beautiful daughter, Cathy, was the light of their lives! I am proud to be her godfather! She and her husband, Michael, presented Bill and Jane with their precious granddaughter, Rachel! All of them together, a wonderful, warm, close and loving family!

Bill, you were the best friend I ever had. Your courage, strength and warmth were a big part of what made you such a special person. You were my brother and I will always carry you in my heart.


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