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View a eulogy for Thomas Edward Millacci, USMA '64, who passed away on December 13, 1964.

Thomas Edward Millacci

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Sam Milacci on September 9, 2009:

To: jmastriani@aol.com
Sent: Wed, Sep 9, 2009 12:04 pm
Subject: Thomas Millacci, West Point Reunion

Dear Sir,

My sister Barbara, sent me your E-Mail. The old address in Tucson is no longer valid. Tom's mother Florence R. Millacci passed on March 18, 2006. My mother lived with me in Vail, Arizona and my sister her last years. She always appreciated the classmates like you and Jack Price kept the memory of my brother alive. After all these years the accident still haunts me, now even worse after my mother turned his medical records over to me. Tom was an exceptional person, multi-talented and fiercely dedicated to his country and especially West Point, his life's ambition to attend and graduate. With the vital assistance from his classmates, I have discovered this was made possible only with their assistance. The very close teamwork that West Point instills in all the cadets results in the finest soldiers in the world.

We have tried to imagine what Tom would have accomplished Truly they would have been great as I know he would have made the U. S. Army his career. I lost my only brother, yet my Father, Master Sgt. Thomas L. Millacci, U. S. Air Force, lost his brother Lt. Edward (Eddy) Millacci in WWII. Later a son, Thomas Edward Millacci after graduating from West Point. I now reflect back to his December Funeral at the Point and feel he was very proud of Tom. Thank you and ALL the Class of 1964 for their loyalty, dedication and service to this country, and remembering Tom at your reunion.

I chose a very different profession in law enforcement. I started with the Washington D. C. Police, United States Secret Service and retired a Supervisory Special Agent with the U. S. Customs Service, Department of the Treasury, (Now Homeland Security). My Son Ryan Edward Millacci, is with the 2nd Infantry Division, U. S. Army at Camp Casey, Korea. Guess that the U. S. Soldier is in my family blood line forever !

Barbara and I wish all the best and good health to all the attendees and the Class of 1964

Samuel M. Millacci
3131 East Wiley Lane
Vail, Arizona 85641

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