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View a eulogy for Benedict Trezza Marino, USMA '64, who passed away on November 3, 2011.

Benedict Trezza Marino

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Dick Knight on November 4, 2011:

Simply, Ben was a true, trusted, and genuine friend, and will be sorely missed. I can still see his face and hear his voice as I write this.

We first met when we became roommates in Plebe Year. He was a perfect roommate. By that I mean he was easy to be with, had a great sense of humor, was reasonably studious, BUT did not take "the system" too seriously as neither did I. He fixed me up with several blind dates for "forays" up to Fort Putnam. After we changed companies we remained in touch.

Following graduation we lost contact for awhile, but I believe he was the one who reached out to me to get us back together. He was that kind of person.

We saw each other a number of times thereafter. As best I can recall, we arranged to meet in Dallas after he had bought property in SC, of which he was very proud. I believe he was with Lehman Brothers then. I learned that he had replaced Pete Dawkins as head of their municipal finance group. I was impressed. Ben masked his intensity and seriousness about work with a calm and humorous, self-deprecating demeanor.
I recall Cathy telling another good story about Ben's hard-charging approach to business. It went something like he was trying to close a deal, but was traveling somewhere by car. To stay in touch he somehow managed to have a key person call him at a toll booth where he somehow took the call. That may not be exactly right, but should convey the idea. Ben was not lacking in creativity and ingenuity.

I also recall visiting him at his office in NY. He had a good bunch of guys working for him and to whom I was introduced. He also had a popcorn machine there which I thought was a cool touch. He also was proud to give me a tour of an investment house's trading floor where one of his sons worked.

On another of these NY visits, we somehow ended up together, with our wives, in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel. As best I can recall, I ended up "loading" Ben on a luggage dolly and rolling him around the lobby !?! This was much to the dismay of Cathy and my wife.

He and Cathy invited me to stay at their home in Ridgewood before our 25th reunion and they were good and gracious hosts. I recall we went jogging in the morning and he almost ran me into the ground.

Later, we met up again in Charleston when we were on vacation. He showed me his property which was impressive.

When I was trying to develop business in Asia, Ben helped again, and introduced to one or two friends for financing.

Most recently, he invited me to stay at a condo he and Cathy have or had in downtown Charleston before the mini-reunion. Unfortunately I had another commitment. I regret I missed this chance to see him.

I last spoke to Ben a few months ago. He was definitely a fighter.

If I had had a brother I would have been blessed to have one like Ben.

As my oldest daughter said when I told her, I am sad but he is now in a good place. So, now I am crying and can think of no more. If I do, I will add it. Ben will not be forgotten as he touched many people as he did me.

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