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View a eulogy for Francis Joel Stephenson, USMA '64, who passed away on January 14, 1997.

Francis Joel Stephenson

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Ann Stephenson Lumsden on May 26, 1999:

Joe was born Frances Joel Stephenson, Jr. on February 24, 1942 in Meridian, Mississippi to the parents of Ada Dee and Frank Stephenson. He has one sister, Ann S. Lumsden. Joe grew up in Raymond, Mississippi and attended Raymond High School 1957-60 and graduated from Hinds High School in the summer of 1960. Joe graduated from West Point in 1964. He married in 1964 and in that marriage had two children, Clinton Joel Stephenson and Sharon Louise Stephenson. He was trained at Fort Rucker in Dolthan, Alabama where he changed his unit from tanks to fixed wing, then transferred to helicopters. He and his family lived in Ft. Knox, Kentucky and Ft. Hood, Texas. Joe was sent on two tours of duty in Viet Nam. He returned to the States after his last tour of duty and entered the Army reserves and retired as a Lt. Colonel.

Joe pursued his education following his retirement from active duty in the Army. He received his Masters degree from Troy State University and Doctorate from the University of Southern Mississippi. He married Phyllis Conners in December of 1977 and they have a daughter Charlotte Delena Stephenson. Joe helped to raise Phyllis's three children by a previous marriage, Darla Conners, Teresa Conners, and Steve Conners.

Joe has visited and lived all over the world including, Germany, China, Australia, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Japan and others, and many state in the United Stated. He, Phyllis and family have lived in Clearwater, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada. Joe was a Safely Engineer and traveled giving workshops in this field. He wrote three books on Engineering Safety, two are published and one is in publication.

Joe was a very intelligent, hard working, contientious, and fair administrator in his field of work. He apprciated the intelligence of others and encouraged those around him to work to their potential. He was a leader in the field of Engineering Safety. He had been employed by: The United State Army, The United States Department of Energy Nuclear Test Site, NASA Space Center in Texas and COBRO Company.

He encouraged his family and friends to live honest and fun lives. He laughed and had fun and we laughed and had fun with him. He encouraged all of the six children in the family to strive hard to achieve their potential...To take advantage of each day to improve their minds, their athletics, their occupations, and their lives in general. Joe taught us all about patience, understanding, and fairness, to each other and to mankind. He loved everyone and everyone loved Joe. He brought joy to those around him and enjoyed his family and friends very much. A greater MAN we will never know.

Ann S. Lumsden (his favorite sister)

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