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View a eulogy for David Leroy Ramsay, USMA '64, who passed away on August 17, 1970.

David Leroy Ramsay

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Steve Perryman on January 7, 2000:

Dave and I knew each other through the cow year reshuffle to L-1; we became friends through our participation in Operations Crossroads Africa and, finally good friends as roommates in the last detail reshuffle firstie year. As we went our separate ways, I had no contact with Dave until he arrived in the Bay Area with Elizabeth and Nicole for a supper together prior to starting his tour in Viet Nam. I was in law school at Berkeley by then, and I had participated in some activities with Viet Nam Veterans Against the War. While Dave was aware of this, we still had a strong friendship and a mutual respect for each other's beliefs. When he returned from Boston to start what would be his final journey, I picked him up in San Francisco and drove him to Travis AFB (where I had returned from Viet Nam 2 summers before). After receiving one long letter from Dave about his combat experiences, I received a phone call from a family friend that he had been killed. I still remember that day and the long tearful walk I took in the Oakland hills.
When I first visited Dave's memorial site on the WEB and read about his accomplishments, it just rang so true even after all these years. What stood out for me about David, beyond our friendshp, was his quality of leadership. It so defined him and made him a very special human being. While I have had time to visit with Elizabeth, Nicole, and Bob over the years, I have never told them (or any one else) that, in my heart of hearts, in my secret times, I still talk to my friend. David, I miss you, as you know, and your example remains with me as an influence in my daily life. And always will. Steve

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