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View a eulogy for David Madsen Fishback, USMA '64, who passed away on January 12, 1991.

David Madsen Fishback

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Van Jenerette, Maj, IN(USA,Ret) on May 12, 2001:

COL Fishback - My son, Christian David, will carry your name and be reminded of you long after we are both gone. The dedication and honor you showed me as a young staff officer under your 'wing' - your road through the prep-school to the Academy - your service in war and peace - these are things I want him to know and to follow. Many of the attitudes you taught me - the humor and the focus on the mission - I have carried to this day in my time as a U.S. Congressional Aide- my run for the United States Congress and to the college classrooms I have taught in. I will always remember your loyalty to all of us who served with you and your fantastic way of looking forward. You have touched many more than you could know. I feel certain that as Jane and your daughters were so fortunate to have known you personally that I and my future wife were fortunate to have served a tour of duty with you as a boss and a mentor....my 6th child will be born this summer, and will know who David Fishback is. God bless you - I'm glad I know you. Put in a good word for me up there. Van Jenerette & family

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