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View a eulogy for Steven Clark Harman, USMA '65, who passed away on January 16, 2022.

Steven Clark Harman

West Point, 1965

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Glenn Nenninger on January 25, 2022:

Steve, Jack Cooley and I arrived at USMA from Christian Bros. College High School in St. Louis. At the time, there were also two upper classmen from our high school -- maybe a record? In fact, Clark (as we knew him then) had been the JROTC Regimental Commander (Cdt COL) in the 1958-59 school year. Hence the basis for the leadership traits he exhibited from the start. He was undoubtedly mentored by the PMS, LTC (then CPT) Robert Rachek, Cl of '51, himself a proven leader with 2 SS from Korea.

As Jack Lyons pointed out in another posting, Steve was indeed height challenged. Instead of joining his HS classmate in the Cl of '63, it took Steve two years of continual fight to gain acceptance. This persistence in overcoming the minimum height requirement was another indicator of his capability and can-do attitude. His service and retirement as COL certainly destroyed any thought that he could not be a successful officer. In all honesty, we were only acquainted in passing at CBC. Senior--Sophomore distance I'm sure everyone remembers; COL--CPL no fraternization, LOL. Reunions served to maintain the relationship that developed through those eight years.

Well done, Clark; be thou at peace.

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