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View a eulogy for Victor John Strokin, USMA '66, who passed away on February 3, 2009.

Victor John Strokin

West Point, 1966

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by James H. Lee Jr. on February 4, 2013:

I have not thought about Victor Strokin in a long time but your email triggered some fond memories. Both Vic and I played football at West Point. We both got to play a lot our Plebe year because in those days Freshmen could not play varsity. I specifically remember our game against the Syracuse Freshmen Team (Huge Linemen!). Syracuse had a heck of a running back named Floyd Little (All American, 8 time All Pro, NFL Hall of Fame). He was amazing. The first time I got in the game, Vic and I tried to tackle said Little. We were not ready for that world class crunching running back and missed him! Soon there after we did tackle him and I still have the bruises! What a privilege to play football with Victor against just about the best there was. We lost but we felt we were at least on the edge of the Big Time.

Our Yearling and Cow years, Vic and I still played football but never made the traveling team. We were usually 4th team and scrimmaged the Varsity and played JV games. Vick was not as big as this old double wide but way faster. He got to play more than I. My lot was set as a blocking dummy for the real linemen! Not a bad role since the two guys I butted heads with the most made All American (Zadel '65 and Nowak '64) and this has always allowed me to think of my days playing football with Vic as being an All American Blocking Dummy!

First Class year, I did not play football on the JV due to numerous shoulder injuries. Vic played on the entire 4 years and even got to play a short while in the ARMY-Navy game (also Bill Arrants!) of 1965. Way to go Victor. Miss you guys!

Jim Lee


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