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View a eulogy for Gerald Ernest Dixon, USMA '66, who passed away on October 14, 2009.

Gerald Ernest Dixon

West Point, 1966

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Doug Sims on February 4, 2013:

Gerry was in the "other" regiment when we were Plebes, so I didn't get to know him well, except during the period of the Brigade Open Boxing Championship. We all took pride in seeing Jerry demolish the upperclass competitors in the 147 pound class. We were fellow gym rats, so after Plebe I got to know Jerry a little better when we had more to do at the gym than box, wrestle, swim and climb rope.

In 1972, Steve Berry and I completed our PhysEd degrees at Indiana University and headed to West Point. We were pleasantly surprised to learn Gerry had received his degree from Wisconsin and would be in OPE, as well. Gerry was an outstanding instructor and provided the cadets an excellent example of "sound body and sound mind!" Naturally, he was assigned to teach Plebe boxing under the tutelage of Joe Palone and Herb Kroeten. The three of them teamed up to organize and execute the Brigade Open Boxing Championships the next three years - what fun.

To Donna and the kids...and their kids....Gerry was super classmate, an outstanding officer and good friend.

To Gerry, you fought the good fight here on earth! Be thou at peace.....


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