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View a eulogy for Barry Lee Scribner, USMA '74, who passed away on February 6, 2023.

Barry Lee Scribner

West Point, 1974

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Charles Barr on December 24, 2023:

I learned yesterday, 23 Dec. 2023, from my former HHT Commander, Michael P. Connors, that Colonel Barry Lee Scribner, died on 6 Feb 2023. We served in 2/2 ACR in the mid-70's as platoon leaders.
Barry was in F Troop and I was in G Troop right next door in the same barracks building on Warner Bks Two in Bamberg, Germany. I was a 1974 ROTC commissioned officer from the University of Nebraska and Barry was the same year group from USMA. We hit it off right away when Barry arrived at the Squadron a few months after my arrival. We did much of the same duties as second lieutenants in the Cav. This was during the Cold War and the mantra seemed to be "The Russians are coming; the Russians are coming." The 2d ACR mission was to be the front line of defense for 7th Corps in 7th Army and USAREUR. The 2d ACR also had the mission of border patrol along the Iron Curtain between Czechoslovakia, East Germany and West Germany. Therefore, we spent multiple tours of duty at the 2/2 ACR border camps of Camp Harris at Coburg and Camp Kingsley at Hof. Barry was a short-statured man while I was 6'5" tall. I didn't fit well in the commander's position on the M-551A1 Sheridan light tank in our platoon. Barry, on the other hand, could barely see over the rim of the commander's hatch with his foot platform raised to the top notch. The troops called us Mutt and Jeff behind our backs.
We rented a house together for a little over a year while stationed in Bamberg. Due to "The Russians are coming" mentality of our senior commanders in USAREUR and down to our Regiment, most sr. NCO's and officers were not allowed to take long leave periods. Therefore, most did not take thirty-day leaves to the U.S. So, Barry had his parents come to Germany to visit him. I met his parents, Lee and Elaine Scribner, and younger brother, Rod, when they came to visit. My wife and I stayed in touch with Barry's parents for many years after I left active duty. Barry was an outstanding platoon leader, later an Assistant S-3 in 2/2 ACR and extended his tour in Germany to command H Company, 2/2 ACR.
Barry and I stayed in touch for many years as he advanced through the ranks and assignments of his active-duty Army career and I continued to serve in the active USAR. My wife and I went to Ft. Leavenworth, KS to visit Barry and Becky when he attended CGSC. I was surprised to learn that Barry retired from the U.S. Army shortly after he had been selected for full colonel. When I called him to ask him why, all I got from Barry was, "I got an offer I couldn't refuse."
I recall one lonely Christmas whereby Barry and I were invited by SFC Rhodes, a.k.a. "Motor Hog", the F Troop Motor Sergeant, to come to his quarters in the military housing area in Bamberg and share a delicious Christmas meal with SFC Rhodes's wife and children. It was obvious to both Barry and I that SFC Rhodes and his family thought a lot of Barry and me and wanted us to have a good Christmas as bachelors away from our home. I've never forgotten Barry arranging that Christmas for me and I've never forgotten Motor Hog Rhodes and his family. Thanks, Barry, for making that Christmas of 1975 a wonderful one.
It was an honor to serve with you and meet Becky. I should have made and effort to come visit you in New York later in our lives. I will make an effort to visit your grave at Arlington National Cemetery. I know we'll meet again. Once Cav, always Cav. Toujours Pret, Second to None. Very respectfully, Charles Barr, MG, Retired, U.S. Army

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