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James Warren Harrison

West Point, 1981

Be Thou At Peace

To date, 38 eulogies have been posted for James. Post a new eulogy to share some memories and thoughts that you may have. Additional biographical information may be found on the personal home page.

Subject   Name   Date Posted  
Personal Eulogy James W. Harrison Jr. December 10, 2023
Personal Eulogy William Knight June 30, 2013
Personal Eulogy Mary ('03 and '06 mom) July 1, 2010
Dedication; Resolute; Honor; Sacrifice Stephen G. Fine May 21, 2010
From a Loyal Soldier SFC William Reynolds November 20, 2009
Personal Eulogy Katlyn April 14, 2009
Personal Eulogy Braden Harrison September 28, 2008
Personal Eulogy Ross Harrison June 3, 2007
Personal Eulogy Ray Keough May 22, 2007
Personal Eulogy Ed Healy May 16, 2007
Personal Eulogy Mark Sivik May 15, 2007
Personal Eulogy CAPT Keith Goodson USNR: USMA 81 May 15, 2007
Personal Eulogy Jerry Napolitano May 15, 2007
Personal Eulogy Yvonne Doll May 15, 2007
Personal Eulogy Mary ('03 & '06 mom) May 14, 2007
Personal Eulogy CW2 (Retired) Pamela Coney May 14, 2007
Personal Eulogy Matt and Colleen Joosten May 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Dawn & Andy Johnson May 11, 2007
Personal Eulogy Doug Combs, H-2, '80 May 11, 2007
Personal Eulogy Colonel (ret) Walt Chalkley May 11, 2007
Personal Eulogy Carol and Patrick Carier May 10, 2007
Personal Eulogy Jeanette McMahon May 10, 2007
Personal Eulogy Valerie Coffey USMA 85 May 10, 2007
Personal Eulogy COL Gus Stafford USMA 81 May 10, 2007
Personal Eulogy Steve Marshall, 1978 May 10, 2007
Personal Eulogy Bill & Deborah Treadway May 10, 2007
Personal Eulogy Champe&Virginia Miller '74 May 10, 2007
Personal Eulogy Raul Interiano May 10, 2007
Personal Eulogy Kevin Merrigan May 10, 2007
Personal Eulogy W. Frank Johnston May 10, 2007
Grip Hands 1LT Yolanda Ramirez Raphael, 2005 May 10, 2007
Personal Eulogy Pam & Dennis Desilets May 9, 2007
Blue Skies More '09 Parents May 9, 2007
Personal Eulogy Joe DiGangi May 9, 2007
Personal Eulogy Glenn and Susan Hurley, Parents '04 Grad May 9, 2007
Personal Eulogy Hans and Vera Beck May 9, 2007
Personal Eulogy Richard and Deborah Nifong May 9, 2007
Personal Eulogy Randy Young May 9, 2007

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