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Drew Nicholas Jensen

West Point, 2002

Be Thou At Peace

To date, 44 eulogies have been posted for Drew. Post a new eulogy to share some memories and thoughts that you may have. Additional biographical information may be found on the personal home page.

Subject   Name   Date Posted  
Personal Eulogy Mike Gutierrez May 29, 2023
Our Thanks to Stacia and the Jensen Family Roger Lindland August 20, 2011
Personal Eulogy Tim Wyant May 31, 2010
Personal Eulogy Mike Hokenson November 14, 2008
Personal Eulogy Jennifer Cyr July 8, 2008
Personal Eulogy Tara Rogers February 28, 2008
A great impact Stephanie J. Marsh February 4, 2008
Merry Christmas Janice Jones December 21, 2007
Memories of an Honorable Man Eric Pentecost September 28, 2007
Personal Eulogy Neal Erickson September 27, 2007
Personal Eulogy The Jones Family September 26, 2007
Personal Eulogy Tim Wyant September 17, 2007
Personal Eulogy The Reynolds Family September 16, 2007
Personal Eulogy Richard and Debby Nifong September 16, 2007
With Deepest Sympathies Patricia (Kast) Saling September 16, 2007
Thank God for Men like Drew Andy p. lushenko September 15, 2007
Personal Eulogy Capt Geoffrey J. Franks USMC September 15, 2007
Personal Eulogy Dorothy D'Amato September 14, 2007
West Point Parent Club of Oregon & SW Washington Steve and Mary Brainerd September 13, 2007
Personal Eulogy Richard and Diane Harris September 13, 2007
Personal Eulogy Deborah Hahn September 13, 2007
Well Done Randy Boland September 13, 2007
Personal Eulogy Harry C. Bruner, Jr. September 13, 2007
Personal Eulogy Jerry Napoliano September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Pam & Dennis Desilets September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Lawrence Franks September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Chrissi Cicerelle September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Shirley Olivieri-Mathies ('05 parent) September 12, 2007
Brave American faye fife September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Mike and Carol Rosenberg September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Ray & Vcki Carlson September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Nancy Gordon September 12, 2007
With Deepest Sympathy Jeanette Mihal September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Pat Gill September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy The Rosa Family September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Collier family September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy COL(RET) Steve Dwyer September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Matt and Colleen Joosten September 12, 2007
West Point Parents' Club of Long Island Laurel McMahon September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy The Ziegler Family September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Joseph W. Adamczyk September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy ann johansmeyer September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy The Haggard-Thoreen Family September 12, 2007
Personal Eulogy Cathy Bertanzetti September 12, 2007

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