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View a eulogy for Leighton Scott Drisdale, USMA '86, who passed away on February 17, 1989.

Leighton Scott Drisdale

West Point, 1986

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by Michael Simms on October 1, 2004:

Though I am a Citadel graduate (class of '84) I am connected through service with USMA in so many ways. Some of my best friends are USMA 86. One special one is Leighton.

We were LTs together in the 11th ACR. Leighton was a man that brought a special spirit to the business of the Army. He brought a sense of vivid life to the every day drudgery that was Army life.

He lifted people with his presence, his smile, and his infectious laughter. When the contestants from the Miss USA padgent needed escorts... Leighton was at the top of the list. As it should have been.

I was to travel with Leighton the unfortunate night that he died. It still has an impact on me... "live like today is your last... because it may just be". I brought him home and met his friends from Potomac, from High School, and from USMA. All cut from the same cloth...

I recently took my oldest daughter to Washington DC to see the special landmarks of our great country. Visiting Leighton was on our list as his life and his passing are stories that each of my three daughters know. The other two will get their trips to DC... and to visit Leighton.

We miss you Leighton... we miss your smile, your spirit, and your love of life and your faith.

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