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View a eulogy for John Stalker Price, USMA '64, who passed away on April 4, 2018.

John Stalker Price

West Point, 1964

Be Thou At Peace

Posted by David R. Graham on April 4, 2018:

I am so very sorry. Jack was a most dear friend of our family and smoothed our daughter's path to the Academy and mine with the Academy and West Pointers generally. I am so very sorry. Be thou at peace, great friend Buffalo Mountain Jack!

Everything Jack touched prospered. His very glance shed the power of life. He braced you just by looking at you. He was walking, talking, seeing courage. He had the finest, most accurate over-the-horizon radar, so to speak, of anyone of my acquaintance save Paul Tillich alone.

This hits like a hammer here. I am so very sorry. The West Point Community, all three pillars, owes its internal strength, its modern lines of communication, to Buffalo Mountain Jack. This reminds also of the transience of life. I was at home with Sam and Jack in October 2016. Jack was healthy as a horse, eager to tour his and Sam's endless handiwork, and we had just corresponded, as we did not a little since 1997, a month ago or so. So be thou at peace, great friend Buffalo Mountain Jack! I am feeling the blows of mortality.

Jack described himself as a Galactic Universalist. As I took it, that bonded him to me as a fellow Franciscan sort of permanently preaching at the court of the Sultan in Egypt.

Enter upon eternal joy, my friend, Buffalo Mountain Jack, the bee-keeper, husband, father, son, technologist, arborist, inventor, cultivator, explorer, adventurer and above all warrior, you earned it many times over!

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