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William Lloyd Welter

West Point, 1955

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To date, 39 eulogies have been posted for William. Post a new eulogy to share some memories and thoughts that you may have. Additional biographical information may be found on the personal home page.

Subject   Name   Date Posted  
Daily Press Obituary West Point 1955 June 4, 2016
TAPS Memorial Article USMA 1955 July 28, 2012
Funeral Service Jim Ryan September 23, 2010
Personal Eulogy DEMPSEY DARROW '75 September 23, 2010
Death Report Carl H. McNair, Jr. September 23, 2010
Personal Eulogy Felix "Doc: Dorough August 20, 2010
Personal Eulogy High school classmate Jessie Chikalla May 15, 2009
Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited Carl McNair April 6, 2009
Personal Eulogy Michael Panbehchi April 4, 2009
Personal Eulogy for Bill Welter John Wing April 1, 2009
A Legacy of Love, Living, and Giving of Self Jonathan (Shelly) Freed March 31, 2009
Personal Eulogy Charles Fred Bliss III March 30, 2009
Personal Eulogy Donald M. Buchwald March 29, 2009
Personal Eulogy Dick Stemle March 27, 2009
Personal Eulogy John Feagin March 26, 2009
Personal Eulogy Robert C. H. Schmidt March 26, 2009
Personal Eulogy John W. Carter March 26, 2009
Personal Eulogy Bill Roth March 26, 2009
Personal Eulogy Joanne Connolly Gerard "11 March 26, 2009
Personal Eulogy deborah_nifong March 26, 2009
Personal Eulogy Bob Deardorff March 25, 2009
Personal Eulogy Roy T. Thorsen March 25, 2009
Personal Eulogy Dick Adams March 25, 2009
Personal Eulogy Warren Hearnes March 25, 2009
Personal Eulogy Daniel Dugan March 25, 2009
Personal Eulogy Al Spaulding March 25, 2009
Personal Eulogy Donald C Hilbert March 25, 2009
Personal Eulogy John Martling March 25, 2009
Personal Eulogy Andra Kai Shaw March 25, 2009
Fare well little "w" TOMMY WEST March 25, 2009
Personal Eulogy Rich Cardillo March 25, 2009
Personal Eulogy Chuck Ewing March 25, 2009
Personal Eulogy Tom Auger March 25, 2009
Bill Welter, A Class Classmate Robert Meisenheimer March 25, 2009
Personal Eulogy-for Bill Richard L.Hargrove March 25, 2009
Eulogy Bob Magruder March 24, 2009
Big Tennis Court in the sky now Bonney Epstein March 24, 2009
Stay Tuned Jack Campbell March 24, 2009

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