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James J. Walton

West Point, 1989

Be Thou At Peace

To date, 67 eulogies have been posted for James. Post a new eulogy to share some memories and thoughts that you may have. Additional biographical information may be found on the personal home page.

Subject   Name   Date Posted  
Personal Eulogy / Walton Scholarship Anthony Aquino December 11, 2017
Personal Eulogy Ron Cutlip October 27, 2016
Personal Eulogy kathy walton December 26, 2011
Personal Eulogy LTC Elvin L. Bau August 2, 2011
Personal Eulogy Renee Keon December 20, 2010
Personal Eulogy Pat Briley April 27, 2010
Miss you, brother Don Walton March 31, 2010
Personal Eulogy Michelle (Dunne) Beasley June 29, 2009
Personal Eulogy Erin Sindle June 10, 2009
Personal Eulogy Brian A. Farlow June 1, 2009
On Memorial Day Sloan Farrell May 22, 2009
My Warrior Brother Brian De Toy April 28, 2009
Personal Eulogy Jeffrey Kimberley January 3, 2009
My Braveheart betty b sharan October 10, 2008
Parental eulogy Mary Jane and Donald Walton September 26, 2008
Parental eulogy Mary Jane and Donald Walton September 26, 2008
Personal Eulogy LTC Gillian Boice September 2, 2008
From Wendy and Steve Hixon Personal Eulogy CSM(ret) A. Steven Hixon August 11, 2008
Personal Eulogy Lisa Giffin July 15, 2008
LTC Jim Walton - a Great Amercian and a friend MAJ David L. Jones July 15, 2008
From Jim's Sister Diane Jewell July 12, 2008
Personal Eulogy Mark Klayman July 10, 2008
Personal Eulogy Chris Hartley July 9, 2008
Personal Eulogy Dennis J. McKernan July 9, 2008
Remembering a Wolfpack brother... MAJ Steve Garcia July 8, 2008
Personal Eulogy Shannon W. Caudill, Lt Col, USAF July 8, 2008
A ture Soldier SFC Belinda J. Nelson July 8, 2008
Co-worker extrordinare Pat Briley, LTC, USA July 8, 2008
Personal Eulogy John G. Vonglis July 8, 2008
A Guppy Eulogy Cathy (Sutter) Hansen July 8, 2008
Friend, Mentor, & Teammate Karen Walsh July 7, 2008
Personal Eulogy Theresa McCrackine July 7, 2008
we miss you my little brother kathy walton July 4, 2008
Personal Eulogy Tom Weisenfels July 1, 2008
Personal Eulogy Jason Walrath June 30, 2008
Personal Eulogy Jerry Napolitano June 30, 2008
Personal Eulogy Bruce Estok June 30, 2008
Personal Eulogy Melinda White June 28, 2008
Personal Eulogy Roy E. Alston June 28, 2008
Personal Eulogy Thorsten Littau June 27, 2008
Personal Eulogy Sloan Farrell June 27, 2008
Personal Eulogy Michael Carlson June 27, 2008
Cadet Prayer David Brunnert June 26, 2008
Personal Eulogy Mary ('03 and '06 mom) June 26, 2008
Personal Eulogy Dave Ice June 26, 2008
Personal Eulogy Bo Balcavage June 26, 2008
Personal Eulogy Randy Young June 26, 2008
Personal Eulogy Kurt Webber June 26, 2008
Personal Eulogy Diedra Turner June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Rhonda Laufer June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Michael and Carol Rosenberg June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Tracey Clyde June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy sharra deniz June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Richard and Deborah Nifong June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Jeremy Scott June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Mike Fischer June 25, 2008
our gratitude Debbie Pullen June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy John Mayer June 25, 2008
Jim's Contribution in Afghanistan - a truly courageous hero Frank Sturek June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Jennifer Ellington June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Bronwyn A Levy June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Carolyn J Morrison June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Andra Kai Shaw June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Hughbert and Gail Collier June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Jane and Bob Baer June 25, 2008
God's Strength Colleen M Pawling June 25, 2008
Personal Eulogy Christina Richter Listermann June 25, 2008

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